Google's SEO Strategies in 2011

Search Engine Optimization is not a short-term techniques because Google is always changing, therefore strategies to affect search engine rankings must constantly evolve. Here are some of the changes in Google SEO in 2011:

Unique Content
Although links and page rank are still important factors, Google’s search algorithms increasingly emphasize the performance of a website. They are looking for fresh content that engages readers and encourages feedback. Spend more time thinking about your target audience and what kind of content they need.

Google looks for sites that get users to interact. “If you want to be on the 1st page of Google make an effort to create content that will get the users involved in a conversation,” says Ali Husayni, Master Google CEO. Respond to every comment you get on your website. Be nice and offer guidance. When other users see how responsive you are, they will visit your website more frequently as well.

User Behavior
If your site is getting good reviews from users, it will improve your Google ranking. If it’s getting bad reviews, the reverse. Know what your users want and give it to them.

Social Media
Google has confirmed that social media is one of the factors influencing natural search rankings. They are increasingly evaluating what users click on and where they “hang out.” So, you must consider social media as part of your SEO promotion strategy. Try to get inbound links from bloggers. If you release a new product, you want to have someone influential twitter about it. Be sure you have a Facebook presence.

Targeted Websites
Be aware of how your target audience does research and try to entice viewers like more traditional marketing strategies. SEO companies like Master Google note that Google is looking for those sites that are valuable to users. You also need to find the online communities that your target consumer frequents. This will let you reach viewers as a group rather than individually.

SEO-Led Marketing Campaigns
Increasingly all marketing will be driven by SEO. Radio, TV, and print advertising will all be part of SEO campaigns to educate the users about products and services. Increasingly SEO ranking is at the heart of the campaign rather than being an afterthought.

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